== ABTN and you ==
There are many ways in which you can help us.
* ”’Writers”’: Contribute Articles to blog and wiki.
** Volunteers should have good writing skills, sharp insight and burning desire to preach.
** Need not be tech savvy.
* ”’Contributors”’: Anyone can contribute.
**Have an article [ email] to us.
* ”’Editors”’: Edit contributed articles.
**Follow the [[Tattvakosha:guidelines|guidelines]] of the ABTN and publish articles. If required should seek reviewers to review the veracity, authenticity and integrity of the articles.
**Learning to edit is one time affair.
*”’Reviewers”’: Senior participants to review the articles.
**Philosophically sound.
**In good KC standing.
* ”’Promoters”’: At the minimum you can spread the word about the site to the prospective audience.
**Remember any English knowing person can potentially benefit from the site.
**You can donate a link from your site and refer articles.
**You would like the newsletter to be sent directly to your Yahoo/Google groups.[ Contact_Us].

== Donate ==
Every endeavour requires time, energy, motivation and more important resources. Here at Absolute-Truth.Net it is not different. It takes about $150 per year for maintainance of the server, licenses for software etc. Any contribution could help in sustenance and further improvement of services. Follow the link below to donate securely.

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