== Main features of ABTN ==
*A blog engine [http://absolutetruth.in Tattvaprakashika].
**”’Frontend” Most visible part of ABTN.
**News, views and articles within the scope(see below).
**Refined, Reviewed articles properly categorized and tagged.
*A Forum engine [http://absolutetruth.in/forums Tattvavicharana].
**”’Frontend” Most visible part of ABTN.
**Unrefined, assorted ideas and topics which can be inconclusive but within the scope.
**Topics that needs to be developed into a full fledged articles.
*A wiki engine [[Tattvakosha:About|Tattvakosha]].
**”’Backend” Least visible part of ABTN.
**Primarily serves as a reference to Blog and Forums.
**Can take draft articles but eventually needs to be developed into wikipedia class articles.
*A [http://absolutetruth.in/groups Groups] for sending Newsletter.
**Articles on blog and forums will be sent.
**Please signup or recommend your friend from the top left form.

== Other features ==
*All articles can be translated into Hindi.
*Automatic link generation on the front page for all new articles on blog and forums.
*All articles on the blog can be rated.
**Please rate in order to make them more visible.
**Avoid rating as 5.
*All articles can be printed or emailed or bookmarked using various services like facebook.
*Intuitive Opinion [http://absolutetruth.in/?page_id=239 Polls].
*Random Qoutes from Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam and Subhasitam below all articles.
*One [http://absolutetruth.in/?page_id=498 optimistic] page amidst pessimistic articles.
*RSS [http://absolutetruth.in/?feed=rss2 feed] for all categories and posts.
*Panoramic quick [http://absolutetruth.in/preview.html view] of all recent posts.
*[http://absolutetruth.in/docs/Glossary.pdf Glossary]: A compilation of 1200 sanskrit words and their meaning.
*Intuitive [http://absolutetruth.in/search/ Search] of Vedic literatures like Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Isoupanishad, Brahma Samhita and other literatures.

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